They also provide inmates with assistance, such as employment counseling and financial management, that are necessary for the inmate to live beyond prison or jail walls. The inmate can establish relationships in the community What is a halfway house while on supervised release and in residence at the halfway house. In some cases, health insurance may cover the cost of a sober living home as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for substance use disorder.

They work daily, just like you, to maintain their serenity even as they face obstacles in recovery, and they can share that helpful knowledge with you. In the early days in a halfway house, you’ll focus on group and individual counseling sessions, but later on you’ll benefit from employment services and social workers. The coverage of sober living homes by insurance can vary depending on the type of insurance policy and the specific services provided by the sober living home.

Recovery Residences (Halfway Houses)

Generally, both houses cater to people with substance use or mental problems that have improved. However, halfway houses cater more to ex-convicts, while sober living homes are perfect for drug or alcohol addicts. Our halfway houses in Tampa provide modern housing for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Some halfway houses require residents to pass a drug screening and/or breathalyzer test, as they’re not equipped to deal with withdrawal symptoms ordelirium tremens.

Act 419 removed exemptions for SNAP recipients aged 18 to 49 years old who don’t have dependent children and are reentering society after being in prison, a halfway house or drug and alcohol treatment program. If you’re committed to living a sober lifestyle but aren’t ready to transition to life at home, a halfway house is a great option to consider. Halfway houses provide support to those who are new to recovery and are committed to a life without their addiction.

Halfway house

Addiction can take a toll on your body, but sobriety can help improve your physical health. Residents of halfway houses often report feeling healthier and more physically fit than when using drugs or alcohol. Cases of COVID-19 are uniquely dangerous in halfway houses due to the work release component of many facilities. For instance, many provide access to outpatient treatment such as individual and group therapy. Holistic activities such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, art, and music therapy may be available.

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