Some candidates may feel more comfortable with a phone call or an in-person interview. Why not take advantage of the medium to throw some unconventional candidates into the mix? Maybe it’s an applicant with roots in a completely different field, who’s lacking in the traditional prerequisites but submitted a cover letter that crackled with energy. Maybe it’s a high-potential candidate who lives in another state or country. Maybe it’s even a candidate you identified through TikTok Resumes.

For pre-recorded interviews, individuals should ensure they’re well prepared to answer relevant and pointed questions on the position they’re interviewing for. Pre-recorded interviews normally open at a set time and stay open for a few days. During this time, candidates record their answers and send them back to the interviewer. These interviews require more preparation if the time between each question is limited.

I-9 Compliance: Guidance for Employers for Ensuring Employment Eligibility

You’ll come across as distracted when you should be focused on the interview itself. Ask what the dress code is at the company and dress one notch above that. You should stay away from dense patterns as they can at times cause the camera problems.

This allows it to be of a much higher quality AND it means if your internet connection slows down during your interview, the quality won’t be affected. Live streaming software is an awesome way to run your online interviews. Just remember that both you AND your interviewees need to have a solid connection.

— Have Your Resume Ready

As the only global PEO with a dedicated, in-house recruitment team, Horizons sources, hires, and onboards your global workforce. And as specialists in remote work, we accelerate your ability to hire remote professionals across all industries. Things such as eye contact, body movements, body posture, facial expressions, and the tone of your voice all contribute to how we communicate and understand each other. Unfortunately, during a remote interview, many of these non-verbal cues are not easily observable. This makes it more difficult to communicate and as such, it’s important that you listen actively to what the interviewee is saying. At the very least, you should have the candidate’s phone number and email address readily available.

Remote job interviews are typically the same length as in-person interviews. That means remote interviews usually last somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes. In the event that an unexpected technical issue arises remote interview process during your interview, you’ll want to have a backup plan ready to go. If your program crashes or the internet cuts out, you should rely on a backup plan so your candidate knows what they should do.

Ask Relevant Questions

If your video interviewer denotes that the virtual interview will take place over a program that’s new to you, do your research and download it for a test run. There are a few unspoken rules to setting up your video interview location and making sure your environment is as top-notch as it can be for this remote interview. In a remote interview the interviewer is geographically separated from the guest. Transmission equipment enables the interview to take place in real time, either for live broadcast or recording. Remote interviews can occur between two studios, between a studio and temporary field location, or between two field locations.

Many people take remote interviews very casually, which can be disastrous to landing a remote job. They might sound casual, but the big companies don’t expect casual behavior right up from the interview. Log on early to ensure they know how the video interviewing software works. The biggest downside/risk of using any live streaming software to run your online interview is a bad internet connection.

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